2010 Reunion Tickets Now Available

It's time to reserve your seat at the 2010 Memphis Rodders Reunion, and this year we're focussing on why this was such an influential group of hot rodders from it's earliest days as a charter NHRA club.

You see, sometimes the guy in the winner's circle gets a lot of publicity, but there are almost always a lot of people that helped put him there. So this year we've assembled a panel of "experienced" rodders who were on hand when it was all invented, and subsequently nurtured Memphis area hot rodding into the "golden age" of drag racing, and onward toward the diverse automotive scene that exists today. These were the pioneers that did it first, with the least, and we're all better off because they paved the way.

While the Memphis Rodders were unquestionably trend setters, they probably never gave a lot of thought about the historical significance of what they were doing, while they were doing it. So now it's out turn to acknowledge what they accomplished.

We've picked out a panel of six people who helped shape the hot rod scene in Memphis since the late 1940's to help guide us through the club's history. They represent the many members of the Memphis Rodders from yesteryear who helped make it all happen, and will they will reveal their exploits to us in a multi-media presentation during the course of the evening on November 18th. Trust me, they have a lot to tell us, and we're currently editing a lot of video tape into something concise for the reunion. Of course, were also putting together a nice display of hot rods for the evening, and we may also have a few surprises to show to the historically minded hot rod fan.

But you'll have to be there to experience it. After last year's sellout response, I'd suggest scoring your tickets ASAP. So join us at the Al Chymia Shriner's Temple, 5770 Shelby Oaks Drive, in Memphis TN on Thursday, November 18th. Then we'll let our panel of go-fast minded representatives give us a clue as to how it was done in years past.

Oh, and just so you know that we're talking to the real deal here, dig our "gang of six", and realize that these guys represent over 60 years of making things go fast.

Scheduled to Appear:

  • Ray Godman
  • Marshall Robilio
  • Arnold Bonner
  • Bruce Hale
  • Eddie Wilbanks
  • Jake Moran

Yeah, I think we're going to have some good stuff to talk about...

See you there!