2009 Reunion DVD

When we put the wraps on the 2009 Rooder's Reunion multi-media presentation, we had more footage than time to show it.

So now, for the first time, we have a reunion presentation available for purchase on DVD. We've done a little additional editing on this version of the 2009 Memphis Rodders Reunion presentation, so you'll see three different chapters on this DVD. We have one chapter devoted to what was shown the night of the reunion, another chapter features previously unseen interviews with one of Hooker's earliest crewmen (and former Shelby County Mayor) Jim Rout, and yet another with a slide show featuring various photos that were collected of Hooker's storied driving career.

You won't find this one anywhere else, and it's a deal at $18.00 plus shipping. Click the link to the merchandise page to order your copy.

We also have received word that Richard Self has edited a video of the Reunion itself, showing many of the guests who attended and joined Hooker for the evening, as well as the displayed race cars. Richard's video can be acquired through his link on the Riverside Speedway web site. He has also pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from each video sold to the Memphis Rodders Reunion in support of the reunion's efforts to benefit the Shriner's Burn Transportation Fund.