Turning Left

Ever wonder what happened to the local neighborhood speed shop? Looks like it may have morphed into something like this. Behold the retail showroom of Racing Eclipse Technologies in Memphis. Looks like they've got most of the needed hardware in stock to assemble your own USAC Sprint Car, or most any other left turn racer for that matter.

While the readily available racing equipment is cool, this place is far more than a retailer of hardcore race parts. This is the home of Carl Edwards Racing, and a skilled crew of craftsmen maintain the diverse range of USAC racers, and also provide services to other racers who may be in need of their skills. Our visit to the shop coincided with considerable prep work for the prestigious USAC race at Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix Arizona.

Note that the shop is equipped to handle the needs of all of the various levels of sprint car racing and even managed to squeezed in some specialized fabrication work on a soon to be wild 67 Chevy Nova street car.

Also found on site was this vintage USAC competitor. The RET crew has also performed restoration work on vintage race cars, and they keep a nice trophy room that houses a pretty thorough history of the local Memphis area racing scene and high performance industry.

Another room in the shop houses a chassis jig and work tables so a complete race car can be fabbed up from scratch.

So if you're feeling the urge to turn left when you race, keep Chris Santucci and Robert Gant in mind. They are your Memphis connection to the world of USAC sprints. You'll find them on our links page, as well as working in the shop at 2768 Appling Center Cove.