Wanna Race?

Not to stir up a pot of unsubstantiated rumors, but this tidbit of information revealed in the Memphis Commercial Appeal might just warrant further attention for those with an interest in the Memphis racing scene.

The latest internet buzz has the closed for just about a year, Memphis Motorsports Park, getting some needed attention as of late. Certain things seem to be getting spruced up around the track. Word is that the overturned grandstands have been set back upright where they belong, some new phones lines have been put into place, and apparently somebody had the utilities switched back on.

Now we get a public acknowledgment that an unnamed buyer is indeed interested in our local race track. While obviously not a finalized situation that is set-in-stone, this still feels like the most positive vibe yet that we might once again see a return to racing at the multi-use racing complex.

Click here to read what the Commercial Appeal has to say.

So keep your fingers crossed, and we'll keep an eye on what develops.