Dad's Day Doin's

I'll keep this one brief, because I have a bag to pack, but It's that time of year again... So load up the nitro and head out to Beech Bend Raceway for the 7th annual National Hot Rod Reunion where yesteryear style drag racing and traditional hot rods are the order of the day. Father's Day weekend signals the return of NHRA's annual nostalgia fest to the state of Kentucky.

You can expect a recounting of events on this web site after the fact, but if you get cracking, you've still got enough time to hit the road and take in the sights of this event first hand.

Amy Faulk, who is a regular attendee of the Memphis Rodders Reunion and a champion Sportsman racer beyond reproach,
having competed in racing catagories ranging from Stock Eliminator to Top Alchohol Dragster, will be a featured honoree at the NHRR along with Jerry Baltes, Chuck Nelson, Bob Creitz, and Vance Hunt. Darrell Gywnn will serve as Grand Marshall, and the Justice Brothers Reunion Spotlight will focus on the legendary drag team of Stone, Woods & Cook. Other Memphis drag racing legends that will be on hand Include Ray Godman, Preston Davis, and Larry Reyes. Also look for Rip & Natalie Wiley to show their restoration of the Stephens & Venables top fuel dragster. Saturday evening will featured the always well received "Cacklefest" wherein many of these lovingly restored museum pieces will be fire in unison on the Beech Bend quarter mile.

Also back for more after this inferno, is Randy Walls, who will return to the track in his "Super Nova" nostalgia funny car.

So get to Kentucky and groove on the action. It's a big time event and works well to remind us all of our roots.

See you there!