Back in the Saddle

It's been a tough couple of years to keep a fueler on the drag racing circuit, but with some additional support from former car owner Kenny Koretsky, local racers Clay Millican and Mark Pickens will return to the track at NHRA's upcoming Maple Grove PA stop after a sizable lay off from the tour.

To celebrate the occasion Corey Michalek, a former crewman of Clay's, has put together this web video of the MPE Motorsports top fuel dragster in it's natural environment. Check out the embedded You Tube link above. It feels like a theatrical trailer for a major motion picture. In fact, that's not a bad idea for a movie going experience.

Here's wishing the MPE Motorsports team the best of luck October 7th - 10th at Maple Grove. The last time these guys went to Maple Grove after a forced detour they went to the Semi's and then pursued a comeback season that took them to a top 10 finish on NHRA's grueling nitro tour. Whenever the prevailing economic black cloud shows it's silver lining, this six-time IHRA world champion is going to be a constant threat on NHRA's national event scene.