Nostalgia in Oil & Canvas

Go get her, Bob by ~ubermustang on deviantART

Looks pretty good to me... even sort of amazing... on the wall of the den or not.

Since I spend way too much time surfing the web looking at various hot rod related items, I've come to realize that I need to occasionally share some of the stuff I find with the readers of this blog. After all, like minds think alike.

Among the best bets for a hot rod based visual pick-me-up are the legions of talented artists who are passionate enough about hot rod culture to translate their interests to the artistic medium of their choice. It works out pretty well, when the artist is involved first hand in gearhead pursuits, and I've found several lately that deserve a second look, and a recommendation. So here goes...

These Norman Rockwell like depictions of yesteryear hot rodding (or today's retro rod movement) are the work of Ruben Duran. Ruben paints in oil, usually on canvas, and almost always with a traditional feel. Some of the scenes he has created in oil are readily available as reproduction prints, while a few are only available once... as a commissioned piece.

Roadster Race by ~ubermustang on deviantART

I'm sure you could talk Ruben into painting that vision of yesteryear that is tucked away inside your own personal memory bank, but it will likely be a little less affordable than what he has made available for some very reasonable prices at his online store. Of course, these will be photographic copies of the original oil paintings, but that means that someone like yours truly might be able to save his nickels and actually acquire one of these timeless images, instead of just wishing that he could.

Lakester at Dawn by ~ubermustang on deviantART

This one is commissioned, but still speaks to me because of the Bonneville vibe that it transmits to my land speed synapse.

Vic Edelbrock Sr. by ~ubermustang on deviantART

Here's Vic Edelbrock Sr. in a familiar pose with a familiar 32 Ford on the dry lakes...

The Sailor's Girl by ~ubermustang on deviantART

...and I have to wonder if this scene didn't play out more than a few times in our own backyard, what with the Millington Naval Air Station being within spitting distance of Memphis.

So check out Ruben's talents with a palette and a brush... it's good stuff.