The Bonneville Experience

Why would a person want to endure the other worldly conditions that exist at Bonneville? This link to an essay by Ben Wodjyla at Jalopnik provides a pretty complete explanation as to why otherwise garden variety gearheads become obsessed with the great salt lick. Check out the spiritual skinny of Why Bonneville is Important. It's a good read.

Since I get all inspired to go salty every year at about this time, I thought it might also be good to reflect upon some common sense suggestions to survive on the great white way. Someday, someway, I really want to get to B'Ville and experience it all firsthand. However, my natural SPF rating is probably not sufficient for the venetian-like conditions. So here's a link with some valuable suggestions regarding what you should plan on when visiting the salt. I'll try to head their advice.

Trust me, If I ever find a way to Wendover, I'll give everyone my own take on all this. Until then, read what others have to say. One thing seems to be a given... The first-time visitor is almost always awe struck, and instantly becomes a lifetime fan. I can hardly wait.