Sort of unrecognizable isn't it? The least they could do is put up a plaque or something...

So here's a brief update to some old news... Yes, I've already written a lament about how the former Lakeland International Raceway was slated to become a "multi-use development"... whatever that actually means. Yet when this photo landed in my inbox, reality was hard to ignore. Although closed for 30 years, Lakeland was still sort of a reminder of what happened on old Seed Tick Rd. You could go out there and remember, or show a non-native gearhead where the local Memphis drag racing scene unfolded. It seemed a bit like a visit to a historical battlefield or some such... but as you can see from Greg Friend's photo above, there's now nothing left of the old ghost racetrack.

So navigate over to Greg's historical homage to Lakeland International Raceway and visit this page to see what the re-do presently looks like and renderings of how Lake Forest will be realized.

Then let's go to the races somewhere else.