Memphis ADRL Race Cancelled

Memphis drag racing fans... be advised that the ADRL event planned for May 20-21 has been cancelled. Seems the track is getting a face lift, and just won't be ready to see racing action before the scheduled spring race date. An official explanation for the abrupt schedule change is on the ADRL website.

However, don't fret. This was a mutual decision between the ADRL and Memphis International Raceway. The new track owners are putting forth a proper effort to upgrade MIR to the highest racing standards, and are currently involved in resurfacing the drag strip with the Penhall Company. It was decided that the resurfacing work, along with other needed upgrades, would simply not be completed in time to host the ADRL event. Therefore the race is currently cancelled, but as the ADRL website implies, it's possible that the race may return later in the year. If not this year, I wouldn't be real surprised to see the ADRL head back to Memphis in due time.

Meanwhile, the IHRA is expected to bring a Nitro Jam event to MIR later in the year. Although the date has yet to be determined, you might want to keep your calendar kind of open during mid to late September (educated guess). Expect test-n-tune and bracket racing to commence as soon as the current upgrades are finished. Personally, I think it's a very good sign for the future of MIR that the new owners are making needed improvments before trying to conduct races on a track that has been inactive for over a year and a half, and I plan to be among the first in line to see the MIR go live once again when those upgrades are completed.